About Us

We provide LED lighting solutions for both 
residential and commercial customers.

We have one goal in mind at LEDStripCompare: Make it easy for you. Whether you are upgrading the lighting in your home or the home of your client or are looking to incorporate LEDs into a business, building or custom display, LEDStripCompare offers a solution for you.

Send us an email if:

-If you have any questions about our products, installation, design, how to wire, or anything else about LEDs.
-If you would like something custom-made to fit your specific project.
-If you need us to make you custom lengths of our flexible LED strips.
-If you find a better price somewhere let us know and we will try to beat it:-) as we try hard to give you the best products at the lowest prices.
If you see something you would like to order, but it is out of stock, simply add it to your wish list. In addition, notify us by email so that we can check our stock or reserve the items for you, as some products sell out quickly.

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