Broadwave RGB LED Wall Washer

Part Number : DCL-WAS-49IN

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Available Colors: RGB
Number of LED chips: 12 (18 inch model) / 36 (49 inch model)
Lumens (Color-Changing RGB): R=240, G=360, B=120 (18 inch model) / R=960, G=1440, B=480 (49 inch model)
Actual Lengths: 17.3 in., 48.8 in.
Width: 3.1 in.
Height (of fixture): 3.25 in.
Height (from base): 5.1 in.
Rotary Angle of Base: 150掳
Cables: (1) power, (2) DMX
Length of DMX cables: 16 in.
Power Cord Length: 60 in.
Input Voltage: 120V-240V AC, 50/60 Hz
Working Voltage: 24V DC
Power Consumption: 28W max. (18 inch model) / 56W max. (49 inch model)
Max. daisy-chain: 660W total
Current Limit: max. 6 Amps
Light Beam Angle: 45掳
Weight: 5.25 lb. (18 inch model) / 13.5 lb. (49 inch model)
IP Rating: IP65 (water resistant)
UV/IR: none
Lifespan: 50,000 hours
RGB LED Wall Washers can be used in several ways:
Without a DMX Controller (stand-alone):
Individual Addressing: One or more wall washers are used independently with on-board color controls; modes include fading,
flashing, static colors and seven colors changing in sequence.
Master/Slave: Multiple wall washers are daisy-chained and synchronized to the first (master) wall washer in the series. 10
Fixture limit.
With a DMX Controller:
Individual Addressing: Multiple wall washers are daisy-chained with each individually addressed to respond to individual channels
on a DMX controller. 10 fixture limit.
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